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Our special offer section provides opportunities to our readers to receive special reduced pricing for services or products offered by our subscriber base, sponsors, advertisers and companies associated through partnership with TheDebtCollector or through sister companies affiliated with TheDebtCollector. All offers will be thoroughly reviewed by TheDebtCollector management team and must meet with our approval in order to be posted to our website. 

If you have a special offer for a product or service that you feel suits the overall theme of our website, please send your submissions including site hyperlink if any to editor@thedebtcollector.org and we will take it under consideration.

Special Offers

Viking Web Group will discount any Web Design / SEO project 10% off the total project cost. Please peruse our website portfolio and SEO information and testimonials. We have the #1 search engine optimization specialist in the Collection Industry as our Chief Webmaster. Is your website bringing in new business? If not, you are missing out. Get your website highly ranked in the search engines now! Please contact us at 800-714-9430 ext 1 today, mention our 10% discount offer from TheDebtCollector and let us create some online success for your company. 


Legal Leads Depot produces Lead Generation Websites for any company who wants to capture more leads from the internet and convert them into clients. We specialize in legal websites but we can create a lead generation website based on the options on our website for any product or service. You simply lease the website for the period of one year which means a huge savings from having a custom made website built to your specifications and having it search engine optimized. Your savings is quite substantial. You can lease the lead generation website each year at the same price or opt out or you can purchase the site outright if you choose to do so. Click on our name above and find out more. We would love to build one for your company.


Virtual Video Clips produces Whiteboard Videos which are the most powerful marketing tools you can use for your website, YouTube or as a TV commercial. These Whiteboard Videos are proven to engage your prospective clients for a longer period of time while watching them and the prospective clients can understand your services that you provide much better. Plus the videos stay resident in their memory for a much longer period of time than regular videos do. We have a special right now that will reduce our standard price of $2000 for a 60 second video down to just $1500, a $500 savings. Our competitors for the same video would charge you thousands more. Find our more about our Whiteboard Videos by clicking our name above to go to our website and few some videos by clicking on the "Sample Clips " tab in the menu.


Virtual Video Clips will discount its Virtual Spokespersons for a 30 second video clip to $399 and a 60 second video clip to $499, a savings of $100 off each. Our Virtual Spokespersons will sell your products or services 24/7/365. If you have a static website, you would do well to have a Virtual Spokesperson added to your website to make it come alive. A Virtual Spokesperson would be a powerful addition to any website.


Need hosting for your website? Go to the Viking Web Group web service console by clicking here or to our website and click on "Website Hosting" in our Service Directory. We have hosting as low as $7.99 per month. Anything else that you need for your website is also available at Viking Web Group's web service console including SSL certificates, dedicated servers, virtual servers, email packages, backend applications and much more. Our up time is one of the highest in the industry. We have everything you need to get going on the web!

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