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What's Holding Back Execution? By Christine Corelli
Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Author 

"How was your executive retreat?" Earlier this week, I posed that question to a client.  His reply was, "Great. We came up with great ideas. Then he hesitated, but you know, it's been several months, and we realize that we're not very good at executing those ideas."

That didn't surprise me. We are not short of ideas. We fall short on execution.

Recently, CEO Advisors LLC stated, "The execution ability of a team remains the single most impactful skill that we see. When 500 CEOs were asked to identify their company's single greatest competitive advantage, 85% percent said they executed better than their competitors."

So how can you bring people to a place where execution occurs? Execution entails a great deal and it's not a pipe-dream. Every leader must communicate their vision and strategy and make sure execution takes place.  Every employee must be given direction on what needs to be done, and be held accountable for making it happen.

Leaders must inspire and motivate people to do it.  Don't just tell them to make it happen, have every department set priorities and action items. Then, communicate, communicate, communicate. You may event want follow the example of UPS, The first thing every day, hold a mandatory three-minute communication meeting to reinforce objectives and uncover issues. This added up to more than four million hours of communication per year.

Execution involves a great deal more. For now, here's the bottom line.  Execution must be a strong part of your competitive strategy.

Meet Christine Corelli

Christine Corelli is an in-demand conference speaker, savvy businesswoman, consultant, and author of five books, including the best selling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” The first print run of her newest book, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them” sold out in just two weeks and is still selling strong.   

Christine speaks on leadership for results, excelling in sales, employee motivation for bottom and top-line improvement, and cutting edge customer service solutions.  

With hundreds of presentations to her credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and maintains an active speaking calendar.  To learn more about her credentials and impressive client list, visit her website:


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